1914 Day Dress

This dress was designed referencing Australian women of a middle class back ground and a modest income. The women from this period rushed to marry before their partners where sent to war. This was a touching project and i lifted this character costume from this women above. The fashion of the period had a japanese influence as you can see with the cut of sleeve and draped flowing line of the skirt, the high princess lines and one like belts. Women would often garter there calves and hobble when they walked. It was fashionable to have a tight hem line and show off the ankles.

This dress features embroidery and lace inserts. This was a popular homely touch often featured in garments off the period. This garment was created to stage a sweet heart postcard and i have referenced some from the period to communicate the concept behind the photography. This costume was designed and made by me to create a sweet, young, demure character.