All Credits Stage and Screen

  • Assistant Cutter, Pop Up Globe Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand, 2019

·       Seamstress freelance basis at Cosprops Costume House, London 2018

·       Seamstress Sloane Square Films on the feature film, Wonder Woman at Warner Brother Studios, Watford hired by Costume Department 2018

·       Theatrical Tailor at the Glyndebourne Opera House, 9 month Seasonal Contract 2018

·       Lead costume on the Chipping Norton Production of Sleeping Beauty hired by designer Emily Stuart 2017

·       Theatrical Tailor at the Glyndebourne Opera House, 9 month Seasonal Contract 2017

·       Costume Cutter & Maker at Academy Costumes, London 2016 - 2017

·       Women's Cutter & Maker at Kilden Theatre, Norway on 'The Marriage of Figaro' in collaboration with Pop Up Opera, London. 2016

·       Costume Mounter at theYork Castle Museum for the permanent Exhibition 'Shaping the Body', York. 2016

·       Costume Mounter and On Set Stylist, on ‘The John Bright Historical Costume Collection' for Cosprops and the Heritage Lottery Foundation, London 2015- 2016

·       Costume Cutter & Maker, Museum 'Ciudad de la Cultura' for the exhibit 'The History of Fashion in the North West of Spain' Comissioned by Textile Printer Arantza Villas of Pinaki Studios, London. 2015-2016

Moved to the UK From Australia

·       Costume Mounter and On Set Stylist, March - May 20/2015, 'Culture Victoria Online Publication of Historical Dress c.1845 - 1904) at The National Gallery of Victoria.  Curator: Danielle Whitfield, Head of Textiles Conservation: Bronwyn Crosgrove  

·       Costume Cutter & Maker, TV Series ‘Childhoods End’ Docklands Studios Melbourne. Dec-2014 –March 2015 Director: Nick Hurran, Designer; Shereen Beringer & Ngila Dickson,  Supervisor: Helen Dykes. Production Company: SyFy, HAYPOP PTY LTD/NBC

·       Costume Cutter & Maker, feature film ‘The Dressmaker’. August 2014~ Dec 2014. Director: Jocelyn Moorhouse. Designer; Marion Boyce

·       Costume Cutter & Maker, The Production Company. ‘Showboat’ June 2014~ August 2014. Designer: Isaac Lummis

·       Seamstress, The Victorian Opera ‘Into The Woods’ June 2014, Melbourne. Designer: Harriet Gillies

·       Costume Cutter & Maker, ‘Circus Oz, but wait there’s more..’ April 2014~June 2014, Big Top Circus, Designer: Laurel Frank

·       Puppet Wrangler/Doctor, Jim Henson Company. ‘Puppet Up’ On tour in Australia Feb:2014 ~ April 2014

·       Seamstress, The Queensland Ballet. ‘The Nutcracker’ Jan 2014, Designer Desmond Heeley

·       Seamstress, Moomba. VIC ARTS Jan 2014-Feb 2014 Parade Designer: Laurel Frank

·       Designer, ‘When Sammy Met Randy’ Jan 2014 Music Video Director: Evan Munro-Smith. Comedians: Sammy J & Heath Mcivor Production Company: Stupid Old Studios.

·       Standby, Coles 'Unreal Deals' Flinders Lane Productions Designer: Marion Boyce February 2014

·       Standby, Coles '0 Interest Xmas' Flinders Lane Productions Designer: Marion Boyce May 2014

·       Wardrobe Assistant @ John Van Gastel Designs on the National Ballroom Dancing Championships Nov 2013 ~ Dec 2013

·       Wardrobe Assistant ‘Australia’s Got Talent ‘ June 2013/2011, Sydney Auditions/TV.

·       Wardrobe Assistant ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ Jan 2013 ~March 2013 Television Series. Designer; Marion Boyce Supervisor: Gareth Blaha Production Company: ABC/Every Cloud Productions

·       Head of Fabrications, ‘Me and My Monsters’ June 2010 Television Series. Director: Various Designer; Gypsy Taylor Supervisor: : Dan Carlisle Production Company: Sticky Pictures/ Jim Henson company/ BBC

·       Costume Designer, Cutter & Maker, 'Solid State Circus' Acrobatic Troupe 2013, Director/Performer: Chris Hemlock

Graduated a 3 year Bachelor of Entertainment at The National Institute of Dramatic Art, NSW, Australia 2013

·       Menswear Cutter & Maker, 'Cymbeline'  Parade Theatres Sydney, September 2013 Director: Tom Wright  Designer: Chris Pitcairn

·       Women’s Cutter & Maker, 'Sunday in the Park With George'  Parade theatres Sydney 2012  Director: Wayne Harrison

·       Menswear Cutter & Maker, 'Rookery Nook' Parade Theatres Sydney 2012, Director: Rodney Fisher

·       Women’s Cutter & Maker, 'The Winter’s Tale' 2011, Parade Theatres Sydney, Director: Lee Lewis

·       Production Seamstress and Wardrobe Assistant, 'State School Arena Spectacular' Performing Arts Unit 2010, Hisence Arena, Designer/Supervisor: Isaac lummis

·       Seamstress, 'Circus Oz' 2010 Big Top Circus International Tour, Designer/ Supervisor: Laurel Frank

·       Seamstress, Global Creatures production of ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ 2009 arena spectacular. I worked as a seamstress for the inflatables department sewing hundreds of plants for the set design.

·       Costume Designer, Cutter & Maker 'Ronnie Johns Hour' 2010 Stage Show. Australian Tour, Production Company: Laughing Stock Productions, Producer: Chris Macdonald.

·       Costume Designer, Cutter & Maker for Comedian’s Sammy J and Heath McIvor 2008~2011. 'Shows Include: Sammy j In the forest of Dreams', 'Randy’s Postcards from Purgatory', 'Sammy j and Randy in Ricketts Lane', 'Randy is Sober'. Melbourne International Comedy festival, national and International tour. Production Company: Laughing Stock Productions

·       Costume Designer, Cutter and Maker. This Side Up Acrobatics, 2009. A Circus Stage Show performed at The Woodford Folk Festival, QLD, Australia.

·       In House Prop Fabrications and Costume Designer and Maker at Al Martinez Studios, 2007-2009 Melbourne, Australia

2007 Graduated a 2 year Diploma of Fashion Design at the Moreton Institute, QLD, Australia