Kilden Teatre Norway 'The Marriage of Figaro'

The Countess in 'The Marriage of Figaro' production by Kilden Teatre Norway and Pop Up Opera London.

This dress was quite a process with construction, a toile had to be made for a Skype fitting as the designer was in Norway. This ensured confidence with the proportions and design so i as the maker was clear of the desired outcome. From this fitting I would be working on it independently and only then see the Norwegian team at a final fitting stage. 

From here the garment had to be constructed to a basic stage (pics are below) so the garment could then be ombre dyed. The finished effect is striking!

All the trims where created by me on interpreting the sketch of the designer. As this was a highly conceptual design of a period garment i could be as creative as i wished with no restrictions on historical accuracy as it was for a dreamscape scene in the production.

It was a joy to make!

Date: July 2016